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Collision Repair Greensboro

Article provided by: Aycock Frame & Body Shop

Collision Repair Greensboro

At Aycock Frame & Body Shop, we specialize in providing excellent and detailed collision repair in Greensboro, NC. For several years, we have been serving the auto body shop and collision repair needs of clients all over the area. We are experts in collision repair, frame straightening, paintless dent repair, fiberglass repair, and many more. Our collision repair services are guaranteed to return your vehicle to its pre-accident look.

What Does A Collision Repair Technician Do?

Motor vehicles are damaged in traffic accidents every day, it is the job of a collision repair technician to repair and make the car have its original look again. They are trained professionals that repair vehicle bodies when a collision occurs. The steps below highlight what a collision repair technician can do:

Assess The Damaged Car: When a car is brought in, a collision technician access it to see the extent of this damage, then discuss the repair requirements and the total repair estimate.

Repair:  After accessing and estimates has been agreed on, the technician uses various tools to repair the damage. Whether damages on the surface or places that need an alignment. He replaces the damaged part of the vehicle like windscreen, doors. They also use body fillers to level and straighten the surface to prepare it for painting afterward.

Finishing: Collision technician can apply finishes; they apply coats and re-spray the repaired area to match the original color; they also ensure wheels are realigned.

Handover: After the vehicle has been done, they meet with the customer to explain and give details of the work done. Often the technicians take the vehicle on a road test to ensure all the needs have been dealt with, before handing the car over to the customer.

What Does Collision Repair Mean?

Collision repair means the process of getting a vehicle that was involved in a car accident repaired. It addresses all the damages incurred in a collision.

The repair process starts by assessing and getting an estimate for the parts and the repair cost. Then the insurance company and the customer get involved in determining whether to go on with the repair, and lastly to the repair and finishing of the damaged area.

How Much Does Collision Repair Cost?

Dealing with the cost of collision depends on some factors. The cost of different parts of the vehicle is not the same. Collision repair costs can vary significantly by many factors such as; the repair shop, the make, and model of your vehicle, the parts that are damaged, the extent of this damage, the cost of materials to be used.

Need Collision Repair in Greensboro? Contact Us Today!

Contact us today at Aycock Frame & Body Shop to get a repair quote for your vehicle. Our services are affordable, well-detailed, and highly professional. We will dedicate every resource at our disposal to offer you the very best of collision repair services. No matter the severity of the damage to your car, you can count on our trusted experts to return your auto to its pre-accident look. We guarantee you quality and excellent services.

Collision Repair Greensboro
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