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Air horns

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Air horns
Why do truck owners love air horns? Simple- they offer the solution vehicle owners have been searching for since the first cars and trucks rolled off the assembly lines. That terrible, tinny sound that factory original horns make is rarely enough to move people out of your way on the road. You don’t have to settle for what came with your vehicle when you purchased it.
Air horns make all the difference when it comes to making sure you’re seen (and heard) when driving. SuperiorHorns.com carries one of the widest online selections of air horns, truck & train horns, marine horns, Dixie musical horns, motorcycle horns, sirens, speakers and much more. If your vehicle lacks the ability to produce the kind of loud sound you want, stop by Superior Horns and see what’s available.
Many truck owners think they don’t have the room to install air horns. The fact is though that Superior Horns carries a very loud 139 decibel Compact Air Horn called the Viking Compact Blaster that takes up very little space and can be installed in virtually any tight space under the hood- even the mounting location where your current horn is located.
The benefit of installing the Viking Compact Blast air horn is that there is no tubing that has to be hooked up and no separate compressor needing to be installed. Everything is included in this compact unit that is both water and weather resistant. Its loud 139 db dual tone offers a high/low sound.
For truck owners who do not have a size limitation, the 149 decibel Chrome 4-Trumpet air horn will do the job. Its four metal trumpets will produce a loud and powerful blast at 149 decibels through chrome-plated metal trumpets that look great on a truck, SUV, RV, or other vehicle. Please note that while this kit comes with a 12v electric valve solenoid, hardware for mounting, high-pressure air hose and instructions, it does require an on-board air system.
If you’re looking for a way to get some attention out on the road, this is the kit that will do it for you. While there are many air horns available at SuperiorHorns.com, the four-trumpet 149 db kit is one of the best-selling because it’s one of the nicest looking outfits out there.
Take a look at the incredible selection of air horns, marine horns, motorcycle horns, truck and train horns and much more at SuperiorHorns.com, where quality is always of highest concern and low prices are always guaranteed. See what’s available and then talk to an air horn specialist by calling 786-565-9925 if you have any questions about compatibility or installation. At Superior Horns, they are committed to an excellent customer service experience for every customer.
If you’re embarrassed about the sound of your vehicle’s factory original horn, step up your game with one of the high-quality, ultra-loud air horns from Superior Horns. We guarantee you’ll be heard- and seen!
Air horns

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